Current Laboratory Members


 WenJun Li

Howard Huang 

 Reza  Ghasemi

Stephanie Chang  

Dr. WenJun Li

Dr. Howard Huang

Dr. Reza Ghasemi

Dr. Stephanie Chang

 Saeed Arefanian

 Jihong Zhu

  Kelsey Toth


Dr. Saeed Arefanian

Jihong Zhu

Kelsey Toth



Dr. WenJun Li is a research assistant professor in surgery and the current director of microsurgery in the Thoracic Imunobiology Laboratory. His expertise includes organ transplantation and cellular immunology.

Dr. Howard Huang is a pulmonary attending interested in lung transplantation. He is the recipient of the 2009 International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) Philip K. Caves Award for outstanding research.

Dr. Reza Ghasemi is a postdoctoral research associate. His focus of research is cytokine-induced activation of cytotoxic immune cells against cancer.

Dr. Stephanie Chang is a surgical resident and research fellow focusing on immunosurveillance for lung cancer.

Dr. Saeed Arefanian is a research fellow focusing on immunosurveillance for lung cancer.

Jiahong Zhu is a senior research technician whose expertise includes flow cytometry and protein chemistry.

Kelsey Toth is an undergraduate student at Washington University in St Louis working part-time in the lab. Her expertise includes animal genotyping and protein chemistry.