Laboratory Facilities

Our laboratories are located in the Clinical Sciences Research Building (CSRB) on the Washington University School of Medicine campus. Our total research space in the CSRB is 5697 sq. ft. Total laboratory space, 3rd and 4th floors CSRB, is 2645 sq. ft.

Animal Facilities 

The animal facilities are located on the 1st floor, CSRB.  Exclusive cardiothoracic surgery space there includes animal surgical procedure rooms (536 sq. ft.), animal surgical prep space (404 sq. ft.), and an animal biohazard room (100 sq. ft.) for transfection studies, for a total of 1040 sq. ft. The surgical research facility located on the first floor CSRB offers a core central procedure room for sterile survival studies and three new surgical suites in a recent building expansion unit, along with a core biochemistry blood gas laboratory. The vivarium occupies the entire basement floor of the CSRB. It has space and support staff for all animal studies in our laboratory.

Office Space

We have six offices (1009 sq. ft.) on the 3rd floor, Clinical Sciences Research Building.

Flow Cytometry Facility

The flow cytometry facility is located in the Washington University Siteman Cancer Center High-speed Cell Sorter Core, Southwest Tower, Barnes-Jewish Hospital. The facility contains three upgraded BD FACScan flow cytometers capable of supporting experiments using up to five fluorochromes simultaneously. A Bio-Rad Bio-plex 200 array reader and workstation, used for multiplex cytokine analysis, is also located in this facility.

Other Facilities / Support Personnel 

An electronics room (502 sq. ft.), a shared cold storage room (171 sq. ft.), and a shared surgical conference room (508 sq. ft.) are located on the third floor, CSRB, adjacent to the computer room, offices and laboratory space. An electronics shop with a technician is available within the division. A machine shop with two machinists is available on campus. A full-time secretary and computer programmer are available. Three full-time research technicians are available in the laboratory.


The laboratory is equipped with three PCs and one Apple Macintosh computer equipped with software for flow cytometry and statistical analysis, word processing, presentations and graphics. The Cardiothoracic Surgery Research computer room (233 sq. ft.) is located on the 3rd floor, CSRB.

General Lab Equipment

Lab equipment includes analytical balance, top-loading balance, Beckman table-top centrifuge, two Eppendorf microcentrifuges, -20°C freezer, -70°C chest freezer, -80°C upright freezer, two hot plate/stirring plates, laboratory oven, pH meter, platform orbital shaker, two stirring plates, three vortex mixers, two 5L water baths, one 10L water bath, one 12L water bath, 18 MΩ water purification system, blotting apparatus, laminar flow hood with HEPA filtration clean bench, two multi-channel electrophoresis power supplies, horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis apparatuses, dry bath incubator heat block, Polytron tissue homogenizer, hybridization oven/incubator, shaking incubator, ELISA microplate reader, Reacti-Vap nitrogen gas evaporator, autoradiography film cassettes, radiation survey meter, storage and shielding for Beta emitters, Shimadzu spectrophotometer, Eppendorf PCR thermal cycler, Leica cryostat, Nikon digital camera with microscope attachment, floatation water bath for paraffin sections, Reichert-Jung Biocut microtome, Nikon Labophot II with dual eyepiece microscope, Nikon Alphaphot II microscope, slide incubator, two class II biosafety cabinets, single and dual chamber CO2 incubators, Olympus CK2 inverted phase contrast microscope, aurum vacuum manifold and IKA MTS 2/4 96-well plate orbital shaker.